Superintendent Dr. Thomas A. Gorman

The first inhabitants of the Montville Township region were the Lenape tribes. In the 1700s, Dutch settlers moved into the area and began farming the fertile ground. Over time, many more came to town because of the land and people. As more and more people bonded over their shared common interests and goals, a community formed. Still today, Montville Township continues to grow as more people and families are attracted to all that the town and schools have to offer.

The Montville Township community is run by elected volunteers who serve on the Township Committee and Board of Education. The Township is further enriched by the volunteers who dedicate their time to the many organizations offered to residents and their children. All these various groups are the lifeblood of the Township and create the backbone of the community.

Recently, Montville Township celebrated Montville Day. This day brought all aspects of the community together to share their role in the Township and enjoy food, drinks, music, and games. Under a big tent, there were tables where local organizations provided their information.

To highlight only a few, the Montville Township Education Association, representing faculty and staff, were sharing gifts and information with parents and students, the Montville Educational Foundation was selling raffle tickets to raise money to support innovative educational initiatives, the VFW and Kiwanis clubs were offering opportunities for people to get involved in these worthwhile organizations, and the Montville Township Public Schools hosted a table to inform residents about the upcoming December 12 referendum. There, children participated in school coloring activities, and guessed the amount of objects in different jars for a chance to win a stuffed mustang while parents learned about the need to add classrooms, install security vestibules, and upgrade the HVAC systems in the schools. The MTPS table, which was set up to share referendum information with the community in order to help them make an informed choice, also brought smiles and surprises.

Throughout the crisp autumn afternoon that was the 2023 Montville Day, there was a genuine feeling of pride while families and others walked around and socialized on the hill behind Montville Township High School. And, when community members were feeling low on energy, the many food trucks offered a wide variety of different cuisines. The only participants who did not seem to ever run out of energy were the children as they sprinted from one inflatable game to the next with chocolate and candy smeared on their smiling faces.

Montville Day is just one example of what makes this community so great. On September 11, I sat in the audience and watched the VFW's solemn ceremony that commemorated the fallen of 9/11. I listened to family accounts of lost loved ones. Several of our MTHS musicians also sang and played music to honor them. With the dedication of two new Twin Tower granite memorials, all in attendance felt the sense of community pride.

As part of my superintendent responsibilities this year, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the Towaco Civic Association, Republican Club, Democrat Club, Kiwanis Club, Senior House, and Chamber of Commerce. Each time, I walk away impressed with the dedication of the volunteers to their cause as well as their commitment to Montville Township. With every person I meet, I learn something new about the community and gain a deeper understanding of its history.

Communities don’t just happen, especially good ones. They are formed by the friends and neighbors of the community with the common goal of making things better for all who live there. As more people learn about the outstanding Montville Township Public Schools and the wonderful Township community, they are attracted to these facts and want to be a part of this successful community. Each person who moves to Montville brings something new to the community. In turn, the current residents share their local customs and values, and this symbiotic relationship continues to grow and strengthen the community as it has for the past several hundred years.

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