Read To Succeed - Intro & Info

Six Flags Great Adventure!
Hilldale School will be participating in the "Read to Succeed" reading incentive program for the seventh year in a row! Mr. Jones and Mrs. Weber will be employing the help of the Student Council to get the word out.  The reading incentive program is completely voluntary, but we are encouraging all students to participate.  Students can either read on their own, or have books read to them.  Read to Succeed forms MUST be handed in by Friday, February 22, 2019.

A quick summary of the Read to Succeed program is below:

* This is an individual contest.  Last year, we had 133 students participate, so we're looking for even more readers this year!
* Students must complete 6 hours of recreational reading at home by February 22, 2019.  The Reading Log will be sent home on November 2, so students will have 115 days to read six hours...that comes to a little more than 3 minutes per night - everyone can do that!
* Log the date, book title, time, and have parents initial the Student Reading Log each time you read at home.
* Once students have completed 6 hours of reading, they must have a parent sign at the bottom and return it to school by February 22.
* Participating students will receive 1 free ticket to Six Flags Great Adventure for the summer of 2019.  
* Read the Parent Letter that was sent home on 11/2/18 for more information.
* Keep track of Hilldale's readers below!
Let's try to beat 2018's total of 133 students!