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Character Counts Award Recipients Announced for the 3rd Marking Period

The MTHS School Climate Committee recognizes students who show excellent character traits. As such, we have created the Character Counts Award . Each marking period, the school climate committee, comprised of faculty, parents, and community members, will receive nominations from faculty and staff. From those nominations, the committee will select one male and one female award recipient.

The criteria for nominating students are based on the six pillars of character:

1. Respect: listens to others, appreciates differences, can state opinions without denigrating those of others.

2. Citizenship: observes rules, does fair share and is respectful of authority.

3. Caring: takes time to extend themselves to others, acknowledges the feelings of others, treats everyone fairly without regard for their gain or loss of social standing.

4. Trustworthiness: truthful, sincere, honest, stands up for their beliefs, doesn’t spread rumors, returns what is borrowed, keeps promises.

5. Justice/Fairness: treats everyone with equal respect/fairness, doesn’t take advantage of other’s mistakes or shortcomings, takes only their fair share, waits for their turn.

6. Responsibility: thinks before acting, accepts consequences of decisions (no excuses), tries hard and doesn’t quit.

We are pleased to announce the Marking Period 3 recipients of the Character Counts Award —Frank Chioccariello and Emma Zwickel.

While the nominations for these students speak of their many great qualities and characteristics, here is a brief summary.

Beyond having an incredible work ethic, both Emma and Frank are kind, helpful and supportive of their peers. They are involved in various aspects of the Mustang community and have demonstrated a passion for creativity and working collaboratively with others.