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Crisis Management

Valley View School School
30 Montgomery Ave. Montville, New Jersey 07045
Dr. Patricia Kennedy
Phone    (973) 331-7100

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you that Valley View School has a crisis management team and plan in place in the rare event a crisis presents itself.  

The crisis management team consists of the school counselor, the school secretary, the nurse, the physical education teacher and the principal.  It is crucial that each of these individuals are involved and used as a resource in the event that there is a crisis.  I assure you that each of these individuals is well trained and well informed as to the appropriate way to handle crisis situations.    

The school crisis management plan is a document that all teachers are required to be familiar with and are trained in annually.  It is part of our School Safety/Security Manual and School Emergency Operations Plan.  The plan delineates direct and specific procedures to follow in the event a crisis arises.  The packet is organized and readily available to allow staff and students to react as needed.  

In order to get the staff and children prepared for a real crisis, we practice crisis management drills during the school year.  Evacuation and lockdown drills are conducted monthly.  As you are well aware, true emergencies come without any notification; therefore, these drills are not announced before time.  Please be assured that students are taught about these drills by their homeroom teachers and the drills become routine even for our youngest students.   

A special note to you regarding your part in assisting us with our crisis management planning:

Please discuss the importance of evacuation drills and lockdowns with your children in a non-threatening manner. Assure your children that these drills are in place to keep them safe while in school. You might also practice fire/safety evacuations with them at home.

In the event of a true emergency, please do not come to the school. As you know, we have one access road in and out of Valley View School. We must keep this access road open for emergency vehicles and responders.

If we evacuate, we will be escorted/transported to our designated safe harbor and you will be notified by the Central Office regarding picking up your children. In the event of a lockdown, you will also be notified by the Central Office Personnel who will be taking their direction from the police department and emergency responders.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in keeping our students safe. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  


Dr. Patricia Kennedy