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Research Databases for Students!

Research Databases
for Student Use
World Book and EBSCO databases can now be used by all Hilldale students, and students in grades 3-5 will be working with them in media. These databases can be a powerful tool when researching for reports or looking up a topic of interest. The huge difference between a database and an internet search engine (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) is that information found in the databases is guaranteed to be written by someone that is knowledgeable about the search topic. With results from internet search engines, it is often hard for young students to evaluate websites, and to distinguish between facts, mistakes, and complete fiction.

Students will not have to wonder whether the information they are getting from a database is valid or not; they will not have to search for the creator of the information; they will not have to wonder when the information was published. All of the above is clearly listed when you find articles through a database.  Perhaps most importantly, they will not have to wonder if the information is biased or safe for viewing.