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Montville Township Public Schools Warns of Scam Being Perpetrated in its Name



Montville Township Public Schools doesn not solicit money through 3rd party representatives. beware of this SCAM.

On May 1, 2019, Montville Township Public Schools sent a notice to the media and the community at large warning all local businesses, individuals and the public at large, about a scam being perpetrated in Montville Township, New Jersey. Montville Township Public Schools does not solicit advertising for school activities through third party agencies that send mail, e-mails and/or make phone calls “on behalf” of MTPS programs.

Please note, this scam is very convincing. The scammers are using the actual names of coaches and advisors. Please exercise caution and report all requests for money, advertising, and/or sponsorship. Currently this scam is running under the name of SportsMedia Advertising with a 682 area code. However, in this age of on-line scamming, the changing of logos and area codes is always possible. Therefore, the public is asked to say no to all requests for money, advertising, and/or sponsorship.

 The public, including businesses and individuals, are also asked to report any calls, mail, and/or e-mails received to Please share as much information as possible.

This scam is a serious infringement on the Montville Township community, and all businesses and individuals are asked to spread the word that this activity is a scam.

The district has notified the authorities.

Thank you for your assistance.