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Montville Township Kindergarten Registration Open to All Resident Students Who Turn Five by October 1, 2019

Kindergarten registration open until Feb 8, 2019.

On-Line and In-Person Registration Deadline Friday, February 8, 2019

Kindergarten Registration for Montville Township Public Schools’ 2019-2020 academic year is now open. All children of residents of Montville, Pine Brook and Towaco, New Jersey, who have reached the age of five on or before October 1, 2019, are eligible for Kindergarten. Parents must complete both On-Line Registration and In-Person Registration for each child attending Kindergarten. The Registration deadline is Friday, February 8, 2019. Instructions and details regarding the entire Kindergarten Registration process can be found on-line at

Information regarding which of the district’s five elementary schools a child is eligible to attend can be found on-line during the application process.

On-Line Registration must be completed first, then parents must call their child’s school directly to schedule an In-Person Registration appointment.

At In-Person Registration parents must present four Proofs of Residency, as well as the child’s raised seal birth certificate, and several other documents. Copies will be made of all original documents. A list of necessary documents and forms can be found on-line during the registration process.

The purpose of the In-Person Registration appointment is to check documentation and confirm the child’s registration information. Parents should not expect to meet teachers or receive a tour of the school at that time.

Meeting teachers and touring the school will take place during the school’s Kindergarten Screening appointment.

In order for students to attend Kindergarten Screening, all On-Line Registration and In-Person Registration must be completed by Friday, February 8.

District-wide Kindergarten Screening will be held for five days at each of the district’s five elementary schools. Montville elementary school Kindergarten Screenings are scheduled from mid-April to late-May.

At Kindergarten Screening children will complete a series of activities to provide teachers with an indication of the developmental level of each child. The screening lasts about one hour. Each child has his or her picture taken, meets each of the kindergarten teachers, speaks with the teachers, and does a few simple tasks. No preparation is necessary. Kindergarten Screening is not a test.

Kindergarten Screening dates are scheduled for several days at each of Montville Township’s five public elementary schools. Hilldale Elementary School Kindergarten Screening will be held April 22-26. Cedar Hill Elementary School will be May 6-10.  Valley View and Woodmont Elementary Kindergarten Screenings will be held May 13-17. William Mason Elementary School will hold Kindergarten Screening from May 20-24.

Kindergarten Registration for Montville Township Public Schools’ 2019-2020 school year opened January 7, 2019. Montville, Pine Brook and Towaco parents must complete On-Line Registration and In-Person Registration before a child can be scheduled for Kindergarten Screening.

Following On-Line Registration, parents must call the school for an In-Person Registration appointment. Both On-Line and In-Person Kindergarten Registration must be completed before by Friday, February 8, 2019. Registration information can be found at .