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Superintendent Dr. Rene Rovtar Addresses the MTHS Class of 2018

Dr. Rovtar

Dr. Rovtar advises the class to follow the motto of the 2017-2018 Varsity Girl's Basketball team: #outgrit!

"For me the acronym of grit is"

G - Genuine, R - Responsibility, I - Integrity, T - Time

watch video of speech here

Good evening Montville Township Public Schools administrators and faculty members, family and friends and, most importantly, the members of the MTHS Class of 2018.  I am thrilled to be here to celebrate this important milestone in the education careers and in the lives of the Class of 2018. 

          One of the things I most enjoy as superintendent, besides calling snow days of course, is to come out and support students in their extracurricular activities.  I truly enjoy the plays, the concerts, the academic presentations, art shows and athletic contests.  I try to get to as many of these events as I can.  This year, I was particularly impressed by our girls’ basketball team, not only by their amazing run advancing to the state sectional semifinal, but also by the hashtag that became their motto - #outgrit. 

          This appealed to me because it’s such a simple statement, but it’s a very powerful one.  It is a fantastic mantra – when the going gets tough and you’re up against some formidable opposition, dig down a little deeper inside of yourself and get just a little measure more of that drive that pushes you to succeed and then use it in the most powerful way you can. – Great advice for life.

          As a word, I love grit.  I think the sound of it aptly conveys its meaning.  I also think it makes a very fine acronym that would serve our graduates well as they venture out from MTHS – to continue your studies, to enter the work force, to begin life on your own.   So for me the acronym of grit is:

 Dr. Rene Rovtar addresses the MTHS Class of 2018

          G – be genuine.  Be yourself and be comfortable in doing so.  For too long I felt the need to present myself as a serious and conservative person to conform to a preconceived idea of what a superintendent should be.  I now know that if you work hard and do your job, you don’t have to keep the fun side of your personality under wraps – here’s to hot dogs at Coney Island on the Fourth of July!

          R – responsibility – take responsibility for your actions.  Some people are always searching for an excuse or someone to blame.  Understand that your actions have consequences.  Be aware of what they are.  Own your mistakes.  Fix them if you can, apologize for them if you’re hurt someone, and if they can’t be corrected, find a way to move ahead in a positive way.

          I – Integrity – Integrity is doing the right thing even when there’s no one watching.  I hope that our focus on character education over the years has taught you that.  Be kind and do the right thing.  Someone once told me a great guiding principal is never do anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to read about you doing on the front page of the newspaper.

          T – Time – Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  It will help you to maintain your balance when the stress level in your life threatens to drown you.  Take time for family.  They have supported you for many years and want nothing more than to be the wind beneath your wings as you soar in success on your own.

          So when the going gets tough – and it will at some point - #outgrit and take to heart the words of Nelson Mandela – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

          Best wishes always to the Class of 2018!