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1000+ Luminaries Glowed for Inclusion Throughout Montville Township on 3rd Annual OneMontville Green In Day


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Lazar Green In Day luminaries     MTHS OneMontville Green In Day Luminaries       

Schools, businesses, places of worship and residents united to support Acceptance Respect and Kindness for all

On Friday, May 18, OneMontville, a non-profit in Montville Township, New Jersey dedicated to raising awareness for Acceptance Respect and Kindness, hosted the 3rd Annual Green In Day. Elected officials, township employees, students, teachers, business owners and others wore green in support of the organizations mission to promote inclusion for all residents.

In addition, at sunset, the community was bathed in green light for Acceptance, Respect and Kindness. Over 1,000 OneMontville Green In Day Luminaries glowed green across the community. Over 600 of those luminaries lined both sides of Changebridge Road from The Montville Township Municipal Building to Horseneck and River Roads. Businesses such as Bank of America, Casha and Casha, The Chelsea at Montville, Enid Davis/Coldwell Banker Realtor, Jennifer Hurley, Lakeland Bank, and Township Committeeman Frank Cooney as well as many individuals donated the luminaries displayed along Changebridge Road.

Additionally, all seven Montville Township Public Schools, Pine Brook Jewish Center, and the school at St Pius X were also aglow with green luminaries.

“It is beautiful,” said Montville Township Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. René Rovtar. “It is also exciting and inspiring to experience this visual reminder of Acceptance, Respect and Kindness.”

OneMontville is a volunteer driven organization that launched in September of 2015 to help raise awareness of kindness and to encourage mindfulness of self and others.

The OneMontville Green In Day movement occurs annually on the third Friday of May. This year’s theme:  #WearGreenMay18 was enhanced for the first time with #LiteTheNite to encourage the display of Green In Day luminaries. Luminaries were sold for $5 each and those who purchased them could choose to display them or donate them to line Changebridge Road.

In addition to Green In Day, OneMontville has established an annual Martin Luther King Day of Respect and Community Service, a movie series that highlights stories of kindness such as Wonder and Love, Simon, #ShareKindness Awards, and the OneMontville Unites Speaker Series. The next title in the OneMontville Unites series is Dare to be Diverse: How to Stand Out and Fit in at the Same Time on Sunday, June 3 at 6:00 p.m. at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, 70 River Road, Montville. Tickets to the event are only $5 in advance and $7 at the door. The discussion also includes a lite fare for supper.

“The #LiteTheNite Green In Day luminaries were beautiful, and powerful,” said OneMontville President Shari Schwartz.  “It was inspiring to see how many people and businesses in our community are united behind Acceptance Respect and Kindness. The response has been amazing.” 

Changebridge Road by Pine Brook Jewish Center lined with OneMontville Green In Day luminaries

Schwartz added that OneMontville works with all facets of the Montville Township community to create an environment of Acceptance, Respect and Kindness.

“The community is very supportive of OneMontville,” Schwartz said. “This is only our third annual Green In Day, and our first with the luminary initiative; which really took off! We are extremely grateful for the enthusiasm and excitement from the businesses, places of worship, schools and families. It is gratifying.”

OneMontville is a relatively new organization run by volunteers of all ages, but this year alone OneMontville held a sold-out Wonder movie event, an popular Love, Simon movie event and another hugely successful 2nd Annual Martin Luther King Day of Respect and Community Service, and an exciting #ShareKindness Awards program.

“On June 3 we will host a panel discussion in our new OneMontville Unites Speaker Series,” Schwartz added.

In addition to the volunteer efforts of families, businesses, places of worship, students and elected officials, OneMontville Green In Day 2018 also enjoyed the strong support of the township’s REACH program.

“The REACH kids came in and got the job done,” Schwartz said. “They were organized, respectful, efficient and hard working. Not only would we not have gotten Changebridge Road lined with more over 600 luminaries without them, but we certainly could not have gotten the luminaries cleaned up the next day without them. The students are amazing. REACH is just one example of the many ways the community supports the OneMontville mission.”

So many different people come together, and work together, to raise awareness of Kindness.

OneMontville is a volunteer-run non-profit that provides programming and events to support their mission to promote Acceptance, Respect and Kindness.

Formed in September of 2015, the OneMontville mission is:

“To create and promote a climate of acceptance, inclusion and kindness which teaches and celebrates respect for one another by embracing and being enriched by the diversity that comprises the Montville Township Community.  The mission can only be fully accomplished through the involvement and commitment of community leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, and residents of all ages, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, gender identity or sexual orientation.”