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Skye Design Studios donates sign and video to Montville Township Public Schools


Skye Dillon donates a sign of the first logo ever designed for Montville Township Public Schools.

Branding video and lobby signage help community learn the meaning behind the district’s first logo

Montville Township Public Schools received a large mounted sign of the district’s first-ever logo, and an educational video from Skye Dillon, Principal and Owner of Skye Design Studios. At a February board meeting the Montville Township Board of Education officially honored Dillion for his extraordinary work and dedication.

Dillon, who worked with the district’s Branding Committee for more than 10 months to develop a motto, logo and unifying images for all seven Montville Township Public Schools, donated the sign and beautifully narrated educational video to the district in January.

The sign, which features the new shield-shaped logo, is mounted in the lobby of the district BOE offices at 86 River Road in Montville Township, NJ. The video, which is animated and explains all elements found in the logo, was used last month to launch the brand throughout the school district.

Skye Dillon donates sign for district's first logo to Montville Township Public Schools

“I want to thank you for the amazing dedication and passion that you exhibited in guiding us through our branding initiative,” Superintendent Dr. René Rovtar told Dillon at the board meeting. “By working with all stakeholders: Faculty, students, parents, staff and community, you truly captured the essence of what Montville Township Public Schools represent.”

Skye Dillon accepts certificate for extrordinary service from Montville BOE President Charles Grau

District Communications Officer Susan Marinello, explained that the branding committee had limited resources for the launch so, plans for the image’s launch were limited to electronic posts on-line.

“Skye,” she said, “Felt that after so much work, the district should have a sign, so he donated one to the district.”

She added that the district’s facilities team installed the impressive sign and illuminated it with a dedicated art light.

The video, Dillon donated formed the basis of the district’s brand launch.

“The Branding Committee was uncertain how to help the community understand all of the meaning that is packed into the Montville Township Public Schools’ logo,” Marinello said. “The idea of a video was tossed around, but, given the limited time and resources, it seemed as though producing a video might be impossible. I told this to Skye and he said, ‘Don’t worry, I got this.’”

Entitled, Montville Township Public Schools Brand Video SDS, the video explains each element in the design, including academic excellence and knowledge. It can be viewed on the Montville Township Public Schools YouTube channel.

In addition to the district’s first-ever logo, Dillon’s design work for Montville Township Public Schools included the development of a trade-marked Montville Township High School mustang, the updating of the district’s oldest image -- the Montville Township High School academic shield, and the development and implementation of the district motto EDUCATE. INSPIRE. EMPOWER.


CAPTIONS (Photos by Sue Marinello)

New Sign:

In 2017 Skye Dillon of Skye Design Studios designed the first district logo ever created for Montville Township public Schools.The artist then donated a sign for the lobby of the Montville Township Board of Education Offices at 86 River Road. He also produced and donated a video that explains the logo's symbolism. 

Ribbon Cutting:

The Montville Township Public Schools’ Branding Committee dedicates a new sign depicting the district’s first district-wide logo. The sign is located at the Board of Education Offices, 86 River Road, Montville, NJ. The new logo is the culmination of input from hundreds of district stakeholders. Skye Dillon of Skye Design Studios donated the sign, and the logo launch video, to the district. PICTURED: District Communications Officer, Susan Marinello; Montville Township High School Principal, Douglas Sanford; Designer and President of Skye Design Studios, Skye Dillon; Superintendent of Montville Township Public Schools, René Rovtar; MTHS seniors Alana Gomez-Solis and Amanda Gorski; MTHS Marketing Teacher, Rebecca Sheehan; and district parent and communications volunteer, Andrea Orris.

BOE Honors Skye Dillon:

Skye Dillon of Skye Design Studios accepts a certificate of thanks from Montville Township Board of Education President Charles Grau. Dillon, who designed the district’s first-ever logo and motto, donated the sign, and the logo launch video, to the district in January.