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A message regarding MTHS Safety and Security from Principal Douglas Sanford - February 24, 2018:



Good afternoon,

In an effort to ease the minds of high school students and parents, and as a follow-up to Dr. Rovtar’s announcement yesterday, I wanted to share some information about school safety and security. Dr. Rovtar shared information related to a security concern at MTHS. While I cannot comment on the specifics of this incident, as it is still an active investigation by the Montville Township Police, I can tell you that there is a good amount of misinformation about it circulating around the community. As we are able to, we will share accurate information with the school community. For now, we can share that the individual involved has been removed from the high school.

I also want to emphasize that school safety and security is, and will always be, our top priority. Our students are the most important part of our lives. As such, last Thursday afternoon, I made an announcement for all staff and students to hear. Several topics were covered in my announcement, including the ongoing need to prioritize school safety and security. I reminded staff and students of the following:

• Keep our eyes and ears open for anything out of the ordinary or for anything suspicious.
• Report anything suspicious to the main office or any adult in the building.
• Students in the hallway should have a pass—staff should engage students in the hallway.
• Keep exit doors closed and locked—avoid propping doors open.
• Do not leave classroom doors unlocked and/or open—if the class is unoccupied, close the door and lock it.
• Avoid "going through the motions" during security drills and demonstrate proper behavior.
• Students should report any threats posted on social media or any suspicious behavior to the main office or any trusted adult in the building.
• Staff should share feedback with each other on a regular basis to improve protocol and procedures—this includes sharing information on changes in student behavior.

This is an active discussion—one, that I hope helps all members of the MTHS community feel safe at school. To that end, I also plan to address the staff and student body this coming Monday morning during our regular announcements. Additionally, we had already planned on having class (grade level) meetings on Monday and Tuesday. At those meetings, I will address each class personally over the course of the two days. I hope that the broadcast announcement and personal reassurance in a more intimate setting will help to ease concerns and allay any fears.

Counselors, case managers, student assistance counselors, and many teachers and administrators continue to be available for students expressing personal concerns and/or concerns about friends who might be upset. Please let your child(ren) know that if he/she would like to speak with a counselor or child study team member, they are available for them. Feel free to encourage your children to come to the school counseling office, or parents/guardians can contact their child’s counselor or case manager to share any concerns.

As you listen to this message, please consider sharing the contents of the message with your child and engage him/her in conversation. I hope the contents of this message help you, as a parent or guardian, give your child reassurance that MTHS is safe.

This message will also be sent via email. I will also ask our PTC to share the message via email.

Below are some helpful links to refer to when engaging in conversation with you child:…/talking-to-children-about-viol……/resources-for-talking-a…

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to any member of the high school administration using the contact information below.

Douglas Sanford, Principal – or (973)331-7100, ext. 2601
David Gelber, Assistant Principal – or ext. 2603
Kenneth Nadzak, Assistant Principal – or ext. 2602


Douglas Sanford, Principal
Montville Township High School
100 Horseneck Road
Montville, NJ 07045
(973) 331-7100 ext. 2605
Fax: (973) 334-0753