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School Security Update MTHS


Earlier this week, information was shared with the high school administration indicating a possible security threat.  The Montville Township Police were immediately notified and their investigation is ongoing.   This prevents us from sharing any specific information about individuals involved.  The individual associated with the threat has been removed from the school pending the outcome of the police investigation.  

The school and district continue to work closely with the Montville Township Police in dealing with any security threats that are discovered and/or reported.  Student safety remains a top priority. All schools in the district practice various emergency drills on a regular basis. At MTHS specifically, emergency procedures are reviewed in conjunction with the Montville Township Police. An example of this occurred earlier this week when the high school conducted a fire drill. A Montville Township Police Officer was on-site at the high school to observe the drill. After the drill concluded, the officer debriefed with the high school administration.

Should you have specific concerns or questions related to school safety, please contact any member of the high school administration directly. Their contact information is listed below:

Douglas Sanford, Principal – or (973)331-7100, ext. 2601
David Gelber, Assistant Principal – or ext. 2603
Kenneth Nadzak, Assistant Principal – or ext. 2602