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While giving thanks Woodmont raises $260 for school nurse's supplies

Woodmont is Thankful for...Turkey
Families share feathers of thanks and wishes while donating needed items. 
Kindness and support of each other and the community are part of the daily culture of Woodmont Elementary School in Pine Brook, New Jersey. One of only sixty-seven 2016 National Schools of Character, Woodmont students, faculty and families came together just before Thanksgiving to restock nurse Janice Shingledecker’s supply cabinets.

With less than a week to take action, the Woodmont Student Council learned of a need for additional supplies in the school nurse’s office. The students stepped up and developed an impromptu fundraiser, which they called: Woodmont is Thankful. The activity was one of gratitude. The purpose was to help to fill the cabinets with supplies while bringing families and the community closer in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

“Our Student Council asked families to express a Thanksgiving wish on one of the feathers,” said Principal Dominic Espositio. “Our Woodmont turkey was overwhelmed with feathers of thanks!” 

Students, faculty and families decorated paper turkey feathers. They also wrote Thanksgiving wishes and thoughts on the feathers. They then donated a dollar for each feather submitted. The feathers were added to the plumage of the Thanksgiving turkey on the Woodmont is Thankful Bulletin Board.

As they go through the halls, students, faculty and families can read the feathers and enjoy the thankful spirit of the entire Woodmont community.

Over $260 was raised in less than a week, and the additional supplies have been restocked.

Two Montville Township Public Schools were among only sixty-seven in the United States of America to be named 2016 National Schools of Character by Woodmont, in Pine Brook, NJ, is one and Cedar Hill Elementary School, in Towaco, NJ, is the other.