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    Information from Texas Eastern Transmission, L.P. (Texas Eastern) - June 2017 

    Below please find Texas Eastern’s informational press release in response to a resident’s concerns regarding Spectra Energy (Texas Eastern) Representative’s statements about the integrity and safety of their gas pipelines as a result of Public Service Electric & Gas’s (PSE&G) high voltage lines.


    In response to the resident’s concerns,  Mr. Victor Canning, Montville Township Administrator, personally spoke with Mr. Peter Seydewitz, Area Manager for ENBRIDGE (Spectra), who explained to me that what Texas Eastern (Spectra) is doing is routine maintenance to protect the integrity of their gas lines.  He was assured that there is no risk of any danger regarding their gas lines.


    Mr. Canning also spoke with Mr. George Sous, of PSE&G as well.  Mr. Sous reiterated that nothing has changed from PSE&G’s originally submitted and NJBPU approved high-tension electrical transmission line improvements project.


    After speaking with both Mr. Seydewitz and Mr. Sous, Mr. Canning is confident that Montville Township’s residents, school staff, and students are not in any danger from the existing Texas Eastern Gas Lines (Spectra).  It appears from what was explained to him as a layperson, is that all electrical transmission lines have a Catharsis (Electrical Current) impact on all metals located within the sphere of operation based on the electrical transmission lines’ voltage; knowing PSE&G’s Electrical Transmission Project’s voltage level, Texas Eastern (Spectra) has proper routine maintenance protocols in place, i.e. installing grounding cables adjacent to the gas lines to absorb the electrical current.   It is this routine maintenance that the residentwitnessed on Thursday, June 1, 2017, by Texas Eastern (Spectra); however, it appears that a Spectra’s (ENBRIDGE) Representative, when questioned by the resident, gave her an explanation which alarmed her and resulted in concerns for her family’s well-being as well as our residents and schools.   

    From Texas Eastern

    Texas Eastern Transmission, LP (Texas Eastern) conducts periodic evaluations of our pipeline system as part of our continuous commitment to safe, reliable operations and in accordance with our Integrity Management Program mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) safety and maintenance regulations.
    We are currently performing maintenance work along the Texas Eastern pipeline system located within Montville Township as a result of our routine integrity management activities. The maintenance work involves installing a grounding system to protect the pipeline in the area where it parallels high-voltage electric power lines.

    The work is estimated to continue until the end of June within Montville Township.  Impacted landowners will receive a written notice no fewer than five (5) days prior to any work on the pipeline easement across their properties.
    For any questions or comments, please contact Texas Eastern at 908-821-1800, 1-888-293-7867 or askspectra@spectraenergy.com.
    Additional information on pipeline safety may be found at http://www.spectraenergy.com/Safety/Operational-Safety/.


Last Modified on August 17, 2017