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    Grade Level: K-5
    Department: ART
    Schools: Cedar Hill/Woodmont
    Subject: ART
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    Phone: 973-331-7100
    *best way to reach me is email 

    About Me

    I’ve been teaching art here at the elementary level for over 20 years. I have a B.A. in art education, K-12 certification in the  visual arts, M.A. in Fine Arts and an additional 30 graduate credits in a variety of practical classroom strategies courses.

    At the elementary level the Montville Township Public School’s Visual Arts curriculum focuses on the Elements of Art (line, shape, color, texture, space, form and value) in grades K-3, and the Principles of Design in grades 4 and 5. Kindergarten and first grade students receive two forty minute periods of art each week and grades two to five meet once a week for forty minutes. We cover a wide variety of art forms such as drawing, painting, textiles, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. Projects can focus on art history, cross curricular themes, seasons, culture, character education, community service, etc..

    I believe that art is an essential part of a quality education. It provides children with rich experiences that broaden their understanding of the world around them and help them make connections with other disciplines and concepts. It emphasizes and enhances creativity, acceptance, and positive self-esteem through subjectivity and encourages individual and group accomplishments. Art allows us to set and meet goals in a hands-on and concrete way while exercising problem solving skills throughout the creative process. Its rewards are abundantly felt by both student and teacher and fuel our passion continue the exploration!