MTHS Selects 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year

Recently, a committee of individuals met to discuss the significant number of nominations received regarding the MTHS Teacher of the Year. Based on much discussion and deliberation amongst the members of that committee, it is my distinct honor to announce the Montville Township High School Teacher of the Year for 2019-2020—Mr. Christopher Butchko. While I can speak of his tremendous commitment to students and their education, it is the words of his peers that I feel capture, most effectively, his impact on the MTHS community:


[Excerpt from nominations]


On behalf of Mr. Christopher Butchko…

Chris is truly deserving of this award. He has a passion for teaching that is unmatched. He is dedicated to this profession and it shines through both inside and outside of his classroom. I have walked passed his classroom numerous times since I've been at Montville and the students are all actively engaged and Chris is bursting with excitement about what he is teaching the kids. I myself have wanted to sit it on his class. He is an expert in content and crafts meaningful experiences for his students. These experiences don't just end when the school year ends. He takes them to Europe during his free time in the summer and provides them with unforgettable learning opportunities. I always hear my students speaking fondly of his class and the educational experiences he provides. Outside of the classroom he demonstrates professionalism and is always willing to help colleagues learn something new. I have thought that he was deserving of this award for quite a while now and I really hope that he will be recognized for all of his hard work and dedication.”


It is with tremendous pleasure that I nominate Chris Butchko for the Governor's Teacher of the Year. Chris is a man who is capable of teaching our students about the [vilest] events of our times in ways that makes them become better human beings. He has the additional challenge of working with classes of students of all levels, and he is able to differentiate instruction so that each student meets with a high level of success. Whenever I've passed his class, EVERY student is actively engaged and appears to be hanging on Chris' words. If there was ever a teacher meeting the criteria of "Actively collaborates with colleagues, students, and families to create a strong culture of respect and success", it is Chris Butchko. He invites faculty in to help judge student work and he is in very close contact with families while planning his summer trips with students.
Chris is by far one of the most respected teachers by our student body. The students I work with are often unmotivated to complete work; however, this is not the case when an assignment is for Holocaust and Genocide for Mr. Butchko. Not only will they work on assignments for him, they will want to discuss and share what they are learning. He is always bringing new ideas and projects to his class, and his students admire how well respected he is outside of Montville as his YouTube videos(some of which have close to 200K views) are teaching tools used in countless other districts.

I hope this nomination has given the committee additional insight into the character and teaching ability of Mr. Christopher Butchko. I truly believe he a hidden gem in the MTHS community and I cannot imagine a teacher more deserving of this recognition. Thank you.”


Mr. Butchko will continue in the process to select the county and state Teacher of the Year. We know that he will represent Montville Township High School well.

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