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    As a lifelong lover of the sports, the outdoors and most especially the Social Sciences, I have had the good fortune and unexpected pleasure of developing an enduring career that enabled me to explore and share my love for those varied fields.  After graduation from college with a degree in History, I became a contract archaeologist and was able to enjoy many adventures where meeting experts in the field and travelling to and working on interesting sites was fairly common.  In many ways, becoming an archaeologist was one of my childhood dreams come true.  However, as time went by it became necessary to make a career change.

    And so, It was that after a few years I decided to pursue a career in my major field of study, history.  In the early 1990s, I undertook the required classes, gained my teaching certification and became a history teacher, coach and founder of an Archaeology Club .  I have now been in the profession for nearly 25 years and still find each year exciting, fun, and a challenge.  I look forward to working with your son or daughter and will do all that I can to make my love for the subject infectious!  It is my hope to make learning fun, challenging  and memorable and importantly, I hope that students will  look back on their year with me and know that I always put forward my best efforts in promoting their growth as a student and as young citizens.

    If you have any concerns, I can be reached at the following website:  stephen.zingone@montville.net 
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