Robert R. Lazar Middle School
Welcome to the 7 Yellow Website
To all of our new 7 Yellow team members....welcome back to school! All of your teachers are looking forward to meeting you as we begin a new year. If you are nervous, don't worry.  7th Grade is a big year and we hope to get you all prepared to work hard and do your best. Here's to a great year!
                    ****Please see each teachers individual website for a list of supplies.
However, they are not needed prior to the first day of school.  For the first few days a pen, pencil and small notebook should be brought to all classes. We are very flexible with sharing notebooks with more than one class as long as all materials are kept organized.                     
 To navigate to certain areas, please utilize the links on the side of the page which will open a new page for the teacher you requested.  Please remember these sites are used as a tool and students should copy homework in the Assignment Pads daily for the most accurate information.
 Click on the name below to send an email to the specific teacher.
 Mrs. DuffyMathematics (Team Leader)
 Mrs. McKenna-Walch Social Studies
 Mrs. MatthaeiEnglish Language Arts 
 Mrs. Rosenthal English Language Arts
 Mrs. ZanoneScience
If you are unable to email a teacher by clicking on the individual teacher, all teacher email addresses are formatted with first name.last
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