• Welcome to the 6 Yellow Website
     Here is some general information that may be helpful to incoming 6th graders in the fall.
     Absences: It is not necessary to contact teachers/ school if the absence will only be a day or to.  Please refer to the teachers' web sties for assignments.  If the absence will be longer please do not hesitate to contact the team leader.  They would be happy to gather assignments and make arrangements for it to be sent home.    

    For the beginning of school, please bring in a notebook, pens, and pencils.  When you meet with your teachers, they will give you their list of specific school supplies.

     Assignment pads will be supplied by the Guidance Department.

    Please remember that the teacher pages for assignments are used for reference purposes only  -students should copy homework in the assignment pads daily for the most accurate information.

    Click on the name below to send an email to the specific teacher.
    Mr. Huppert  Science (Team Leader)
    Ms. Viscardo  English Language Arts
    Mr. Vila  Mathematics
    Ms. Greulich  English Language Arts 
    Ms. Belotti  Social Studies
    If you are unable to email a teacher by clicking on the individual teacher, all teacher email addresses are formatted with first name.last name@montville.net
Last Modified on September 12, 2017