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    Grade Level: *9-12*
    Department: *Special Education*
    Subject: *Life Skills*
    Contact Information
    Phone: (973) 331-7100 ext. 2893
    E-mail: *kevin.fallon@montville.net*


    About Me

    I am the teacher for the Life Skills program for this school year. I received my undergraduate degree in History and Education at the State University of New York, University at Albany. After graduation, I continued my education at the City College of New York to receive a Master’s of Science in Special Education. Upon graduation, I worked in a school for special needs students. While at this program, I worked with students that had a variety of special needs that included emotional, behavioral, and social disabilities, as well as students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. My experience at this school provided me with a variety of tools and knowledge that has prepared me for the position as the Life Skills teacher at Montville Township High School.

    The Life Skills program will start a new partnership between Montville Township High School and Community Personnel Services. During this upcoming school year, the class will be a part of a Community Based Instruction Program that infuses the classroom curriculum with real community and job experiences. We are very excited about this new initiative and foresee a successful partnership with CPS that will ensure that the students in the Life Skills program have experiences that prepare them for their future.