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    Grade Level: 2nd grade
    Department: Woodmont School
    Subject: Elementary Education
    Contact Information
    Phone: (973) 331-7100 ext. 5
    E-mail: marie.tsukamoto@montville.net


    About Me


    Dear Sensational Second Grade Students and Parents,

        My name is Mrs. Tsukamoto.  Most of my students have always called me Mrs. T for short.  I have been teaching for ten years.  I have taught third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade, but I have always had a special space in my heart for second grade, and this year I have been given this wonderful opportunity at Woodmont school.  This will be my fourth year teaching second-grade here at Woodmont.

      I have a reading specialist Masters degree from Rider University and an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University.   I have two beautiful children.  My son, Alexander, is almost seven years old and my daughter, Amelia, is almostfour years old.  I have two crazy dogs too.  These two parts of my life will enable me to share many fun-filled stories to lighten your day. 

      I love teaching children who are willing to take chances and stretch their understandings to grow both emotionally and mentally as a learner.  The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes.  And without mistakes very little learning can take place. So please come to school ready to learn and trust me enough to take chances, make mistakes, and grow.  Learning is FUN-da-mental.  And, I will do my best to make your learning experiences both fun and worthy of your attention. 

       Enjoy the rest of your summer, relax, and take lots of pictures both with a camera and mentally.  These moments can last a life time and help you to develop wonderful stories in our writing workshop. 

      Come September 4th, I'll be standing in our classroom doorway with the biggest smile on my face, hoping that you to will be smiling on both the inside and outside, happy to see me, too.  Remember to bring in your supplies in a labeled Ziploc bag too.   Welcome to second grade!!

    Mrs. Tsukamoto