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    Grade Level: 9-12
    Department: Social Studies
    Subject: US Hsitory I, AP Human Geography
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    I am available for after school help everyday after school, you can find me in the History Resource Room (Room 309).
    U.S. history I
    In US History I we will explore American life from the colonial era to the reconstruction period. In order to become independent thinkers and learners we will be using authentic assessment (research, discussion, writting and projects). Our essential questions we will be related to exploring the treatment of different groups in American history as well as the the purpose of government in American history.
    Human Geography
    In Human Geography we will examine the relationship between human populations and the environments in which they live. We will learn about the spacial relationships between key elements of the human race. In other words, we will learn where in the world you can find different religions, migrations patterns, languages, ethnicities, forms of government, food and more. Of course, in order to understand the spatial relationship between these elements, we must first understand these elements themselves. 
     Class materials and assignments can be found by clicking the tabs to the left. You can check this web page if you are absent to retrieve information you might have missed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Delaware River Crossing  
    (George Washington crossing the Deleware River)