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    Department: Mathematics
    Subject: Calculus Enriched
                  Geometry Enriched
                  Physics Honors
    Contact Information
    Phone: (973) 331-7100 ext. 2786
    E-mail: gabriella.migliore@montville.net
    Twitter: @MigsMath_MTHS
    About Me
    After starting my college career as a Music major, I graduated from Felician College with a BA in Secondary Education/Mathematics. Some of my favorite courses included Geometry, Educational Psychology, and Discrete Maths, which I took at the City University of London. I am extremely excited for my fourth year teaching here at MTHS, as well as my third season as the JV Girls Volleyball Coach and second season as Assistant Ice Hockey Coach. It's a great day for Mustang Pride!

    Miss Migliore in Wales