• art CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES                  
    Cedar Hill has many after school activities that happen everyday after school.  Many of these activities are scheduled through organizations not affiliated with Cedar Hill but are just using the classroom space that we like to make available to Community organizations.  While all organizations (school related or otherwise) are welcome to use our facility afterschool, we have some rules and limitations.  Community Organizations using the Cedar Hill facility will be  posted on the website calendar, however details for these organizations pertaining to their meetings will need to be obtained through that individual organization.  In addition, all organizations utilizing the building will need to submit a USE OF FACILITIES form.  These forms are available through the Main Office and are not available online.  Also, be aware that in most cases, organizations will be required to obtain a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE naming the Montville Township Board of Education on their certificate. 
    All school related Clubs and Activities will be listed on the website along with detailed information pertaining to each club and activity along with a teacher contact.  We hope that your children enjoys participating in these activities.