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    Welcome to an ADVENTURE – Over 4 Thursday afternoons for one hour and 15 minutes each Thursday (Dates TBD), you will explore various different areas around Cedar Hill School.  You will discover the different types of environments that surround your school, and some of what lives and grows within them.  You will take pictures, make lists, collect items, make observations and even capture some living things, which of course will be released.  Along the way you will help make a record of what you do and find.


    You will work in a small group of 2 to 3 of your schoolmates with an Expedition Leader, spending one session exploring each of several different environments that surround your school – such as a field, a wood lot, a lawn, the air above the school, a parking lot and more.  You will learn about your own discoveries by researching and classifying within the Cedar Hill environment.  You will also document what you find and do and, at the end of the program, present your study to the school library.


    What you may find, and learn about, on this adventure are different bugs, animals, plants, flowers, weeds (how are they different from flowers?), birds and other “things” to numerous to mention now, that live and have their homes in the “environment” that surrounds your school.


    Once your child has been assigned to an expedition leader, the leader will call you and you may get acquainted with the leader.



    Mr. Cardillo, Mrs. L and Ms. Praml














    Your child needs to wear the appropriate clothing for this program.  Long pants, calf-length socks, and sturdy shoes are needed.  This year we are adding gardening gloves to the list. If you don’t have or can’t find a pair, a dark color winter glove will do.  Remember, we will be outdoors and getting dirty will be part of the experience! If your child does not wear the proper clothing, he/she will not go outside.  This is for your child’s safety.  If you would like to send a small snack and a water bottle for your child that is fine.  We need to eat quickly and start the adventure.






    **Once you sign the permission slip, your child will be attending all 4 sessions.  You need to write a note ONLY if your child is not attending.





    Pick up time is 4:15 promptly outside of Mrs. L’s backdoor.  You must come to the door and sign out your child.  This is for the safety of your child.



    Thank you for your support!!!!  Cathyl and Ms. Praml