• Mrs. Marisa Crozier

    Classes: 6th Grade
    Language Arts Periods 1&2                              Extra help is available before or after
    Language Arts Periods 5&6                              school on Tues., Wed., Thurs. Please
    Language Arts Period  7&8                               let me know the day before.
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    Wacky Web Tales - Like mad libs, fill in the blank with part noun, adjectives, verbs, etc.

    The Plurals Girls - select game mode of multiple choice or fill in the blank (easy or medium)

    Present Perfect or Past Simple - 10 question “test”. Lets student know correct when clicked.

    Either/Or and Neither/Nor - 10 questions, lets students know, at the end, their score.

    Either/Or and Neither/Nor - 10 questions grammar ‘test”, students know, at end, their score.

    Ice Station Punctuation - Students select punctuation. Can select to a hint, solve it & check it.

    Eyes on Idioms - Students idiom, describe meaning & use in a sentence.

    Noun dunk - Select common noun, proper noun, not a noun. Basketball theme.