• Dear Parents/Guardians,


    I am writing to inform you that Woodmont School has a crisis management team and plan in place
    in the rare event a crisis presents itself. 


    The crisis management team consists of the school counselor, Child Study Team, nurse, and me.   
    It is crucial that each of these individuals are involved and used as a resource in the event that there
    is a crisis.  I assure you that each of these individuals are well trained and well informed as to the
    appropriate way to handle any and all crisis situations.  Fortunately, we have not had to call on their
    expertise often. 
    The crisis management plan is a document that all staff members (including substitutes)  are required
    to be familiar with and file accordingly.  It is part of our School Safety Manual and School Emergency
    Operations Plan.  The plan possesses direct and specific procedures in the event a crisis arises. The
    packet is organized and readily available to allow staff and students to react as needed. 


    In order to get the staff and children prepared for a real crisis, we practice monthly security crisis
    management drills.  Various lockdown and evacuation drills are practiced at scattered times
    throughout the day.    As you are well aware, true emergencies come without any notification. It is my
    hope that all crisis management drills will become as familiar and non-threatening as a fire drill. 


    Please be assured that the teachers will have discussed the procedures with the children in a
    non-threatening manner.  This will alleviate any concerns when drills are actually implemented. 
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in keeping our students safe.  Some helpful
    hints as to how you can help in the event a crisis occurs are listed below.
    Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency, for both the safety of students and staff, and the
    expedient reunification with your child(ren). 
    1.      Do not telephone the school.  Telephone lines may be needed for emergency
    2.      Do not go to the school or evacuation site, until notified to do so. 
    3.      In the event of a serious emergency, students will be kept at their schools, or evacuated to an 
            alternate site.  Only a responsible adult, who has been identified as such on the emergency card, 
            will be permitted to pick up a student.  This card is required to be filled out by parents, kept
    and turned into the office at the beginning of each school year.

           Please be sure to consider the following criteria when you authorize another person to pick up 
           your child:


    §     He/She is 18 years of age or older.

    §    He/She is usually home during the day.

    §    He/She could walk to school, if necessary.

    §    He/She is known by your child.

    §    He/She is both aware and able to assume this responsibility.
     4.      Turn your radio and television to those channels listed on the school calendar, or check the
             Montville Township website for emergency announcements.  If students are to be kept at   
             school, the media will be notified. 
    5.     Impress upon your children the need for them to follow directions of any school personnel in 
             times of an emergency.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.
    Dominic D. Esposito