Dear Parents and Visitors to Woodmont School:

    Please be aware of the following guidelines as you visit Woodmont. 



    • Please adhere to the speed limit;
    • Please stop at the stop sign;
    • Please park in spots labeled for visitor’s parking only (facing the lower playground)  ~ numbered spots are for staff only;
    • Only park in an actual spot ~ do not create your own spot. Please do not park in any other spot other than a Visitor’s spot. All cars not in a designated Visitor’s spot are subject to a ticket and/or to be towed.
    • Additional parking is on the streets of Rutledge and Konner.
    • Please sign in to the building in the Main Office upon being buzzed in utilizing the front doors.  Obtain a visitor’s badge and only go to the location you signed in for.
    • Please sign out after your visit is over in the Main Office.  Only exit the building utilizing the front doors. 


    I thank you advance for your cooperation and attention to the above.  It is my hope you will have a wonderful, eventful visit to Woodmont School. 






    Mr. Dominic D. Esposito