Montville Township Public Schools

District Administration

Central Office Administration

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. René Rovtar
 (973) 331-7100 x 2223
School Business Administrator / Board Secretary
Mr. James Tevis
(973) 331-7100 x 2221 
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Casey Shorter
 (973) 331-7100 x2223
Assistant to the School Business Administrator
Ms. Diane Maggiore
(973) 331-7100 x2231 
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Ms. Andrea Woodring
 (973) 331-7100 x2229
Facilities Manager
Mr. Steven Toth
(973) 331 - 7100 x2236 
Director of School Counseling
Ms. Leslee J. Scheckman
 (973) 331-7100 x2646
Information Technology Services Manager
Mr. Austin Thomsen
(973) 331-7100  x2676
Director of Special Services
Ms. Jennifer DeSaye
 (973) 331-7100  x2225
District Communications Officer
Ms. Susan Marinello
(973) 331-7100 x2244 
Supervisor of Special Services
Ms. Pat Stryker
 (973) 331-7100  x2225
Supervisor of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, and Nurses           
Mr. William Koch
 (973) 331-7100 x2630
Supervisor of Mathematics, Science, and Business 
Dr. Sandra Schwartz
 (973) 331-7100 x2635
Supervisor of Humanities
Mr. David Tubbs
 (973) 331-7100 x2635
Supervisor of World Languages and ESL
Mrs. Lisa Howard 
 (973) 331-7100 x2635
Supervisor of the Arts
Mr. Edward Fleischman
 (973) 331-7100 x2635
Supervisor of Elementary Education
Mrs. Elise Miller
 (973) 331-7100 x2641

School Administration

Montville Township High School Principal
Mr. Douglas Sanford
Cedar Hill Elementary School Principal
Dr. Michael Raj
Montville Township High School Assistant Principal
Mr. Kenneth Nadzak
Hilldale Elementary School Principal
Mrs. Jill Cisneros
Montville Township High School Assistant Principal
Mr. Michael Shera
Valley View Elementary School Principal
Dr. Patricia Kennedy
Robert R. Lazar Middle School Principal
Ms. Sharon Carr
William Mason Elementary School Principal
Mr. David Melucci
Robert R. Lazar Middle School Assistant Principal
Ms. Teri Haight
Woodmont Elementary School Principal
Mr. Dominic Esposito
Robert R. Lazar Middle School Assistant Principal
Mr. John Piselli