Montville Township High School

The Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department of Montville Township High School provides an opportunity for students to achieve their potential in mathematics. The common thread is to prepare student for academic and career-study after high school and provide breadth of study through math electives. Problem-solving, higher-level thinking and real-world applications are emphasized, as we ensure that every student is proficient in the Mathematics Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Each course also includes the Standards for Mathematical Practice as outlined in the CCSS.
Dr. Sandra S. Schwartz
Supervisor of Business, Mathematics and Science K-12

Teachers of Mathematics:

                                                             Ms. Vermaelen                       Ms.Campbell                                               

                            Ms. Bertoli                             Ms. Zabransky

                                                             Ms. DeMarco                         Mr. Migliore

                                                             Ms. Evans                               Ms. Gerber

                                                             Ms. Gizas                                Mr. Philhower

                                                             Ms. Rivera                              Mr. Shutovsky

                                                             Ms. Sorensen                          Ms. Vyas