• New Phone Number!

    All district schools have the same main number:

    After dialing dialing the main number, you will have several options to choose from. 

    If you want to reach Hilldale, here are some shortcuts:
          1.  Dial 973-331-7100
          2.  Press "1" to reach a district school.
          3.  Press "4" to reach Hilldale.
          4.  Once you have been connected to Hilldale, you will again be faced with several options, including:
              To Report an Absence; Nurse's Office; Guidance; Special Services; Transportation; Main Office
    While the new system may take a while to get accustomed to using, it will surely be a more efficient way of handling matters that affect you and your child.   Instead of reporting all concerns to the main office and then being redirected to a different person, department, or building, you can save time and effort by listening to the menu and choosing the appropriate option.

    Office Staff & Contact Information

    Hilldale Elementary School
    123 Konner Avenue
    Pinebrook, NJ 07058
    Maps and Directions


    Main Office

    Principal - Mrs. Jill Cisneros
    Secretary to the Principal - Mrs. Irene Repola
    Attendance Secretary (PM) - Ms. Kathleen Zaleski
    Phone: 973-331-7100 | Fax: 973-316-4655

    Nurse's Office

    Nurse's Corner - informative personal website with important health information
    Phone: 973-331-7100 | Fax: 973-316-4656