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    2018-2019 Back to School Letter

    Please check your child's planner and accordion folder every night. Make sure you only empty the section that says Go Home/School as we will be using all the other materials in school.

    Math- Our math groups are all working in different areas of math. Some students are working on comparing and ordering numbers while others are working on fractions. One group is working on measurement and telling time. We are all hard at work! 



    Reading- In reading, we will be reading nonfiction articles to learn all about holidays celebrated around the world. This includes finding each country on the map, discussing content vocabulary, and learning facts about many different traditions. We may even try a few! Then, we will find the main idea and supporting details of each passage. We will also be answering text-dependent questions about the passage. We will continue guided reading at each child's independent reading level.

    Writing- We have just begun an exciting new writing unit! We are learning all about sending emails. This includes learning about logging in to our Google accounts, finding our gmail, typing in the various aspects of an email, sending and replying. We will be sending our classmates emails on a variety of topics and then responding to them. We may even email you!



    Check out your child’s spelling words and let them practice at home at: www.spellingcity.com/krwarfield 

    Science- In science, we are finishing our unit on how landforms change over time through weathering and erosion. We are reading articles, playing games, watching videos, answering questions, and conducting investigations/experiments to discover all about these processes. 

    Social Studies- We are finishing our unit on map skills. This has included comparing maps and globes, reading a map key, using a compass, reading a map grid, and identifying where our previously learned landforms are on the Earth. We will soon begin reviewing identifying and labeling the continents and oceans on our planet.



    As you can see, your children have been working hard! Remember to have your child read for at least 20 minutes every night.



    Thank you!
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