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    Grade Level: fourth
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    It's been my pleasure to teach at Cedar Hill for the last nineteen years.  I hold a Masters Degree in education with a certification in grades K-8 and special education.  My two children, Mia, age 14 and Michael, age 12, are the love of my life!  I pride myself on treating your children as if they were my
    polo computer
    Even our dog, Polo, is getting ready for a new school year!
    Mia HS
    Mia is going to High School!
    Mike Entering 7th Grade!
    Mike's Going to 7th Grade
    Our Sweet Boy, Polo
    Our Sweet Boy, Polo
    Football Cheer 2016
    M&M's first football and cheering of 2016!
    Polo bow tie
    Professor Polo wearing a bow tie!
    Mom's birthday
    Happy birthday!
    New Years
    Happy New Years!
    football and cheer 2015  
     M&M's first football and cheering of 2015!
    first day 2015  
     First day of fourth and sixth grade!
    Polo's haircut
    Polo got a haircut!
    mia mike mom  
     Mia, Mommy, Mikey!
    polo halloween 2014
    Happy Halloween!
    mia cheer 2014
    mike football 2014
    football and cheer 2014  
    M&M football and cheering! 
    Polo Reading  
     My mom taught me to read!
    summer 2014 michelles
    M&M Wilson Wear 2014
    Mia and Michael (M&M)
    Mia Mike Mom 2014  
    Mia, Mikey and Mom
    polo bath
    Polo after a bath... White again!
    polo dec 2013
    Polo, our newest "family" member!
    peanut 2013
    Mia, Mikey and their cousins
    M&M Great Wolf Lodge
     The Great Wolf Lodge
    February Snow Storm!
     Happy Snow Day!
     summer1 2012
    summer3 2012
    summer2 2012
    Mia and Mikey - Summer 2012
    m&m prom
    Mikey's Preschool Prom!
    m&m hershey 2011
    M&M in Hershey!
    m&m christmas 2010
    Happy Holidays!
    Happy Fall!
    Mia and Michael!
    mia mike and mommy park 2010
    mia mike and mom summer 2010

    Mia, Michael and Mommy!