• P.A.L. (Peers As Leaders)

    Leslie Levy ext. 2656 
    Alyssa Marotta ext 2648
    PAL is a group of Juniors and Seniors who are chosen and trained to work with the students of Montville Township High School.  This program has been an integral part of the school for the past 20 years!
    The Peers As Leaders mission is to foster emotional well-being in school through programming and peer-to-peer interaction.  As listeners we provide an alternative resource for students.  We will be available to discuss any and all issues that students may be dealing with.

    The Peers As Leaders are trained in a variety of areas including listening skills, problem solving, peer mediation and conflict resolution. 

    In addition to our role as listeners, the Peers As Leaders communicate with freshmen on a peer-to-peer level, participate in Back-To-School Night, Freshman Orientation, and help raise awareness, provide resources, promote well-being and relieve stress. 

    PAL applications are currently open.  Applications are due for both new and returning members no later than Friday, April 12th.  New applicants must also interview - you can sign up for an interview at Mrs. Levy's office.  Both new and returning members should have 2 Teacher Evaluation Forms completed for consideration.



    Teacher Evaluation Form


    Please review the PAL Contract before submitting an application:

    PAL Contract 2019-2020