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MTHS CEEB Code: 310826
100 Horseneck Road, Montville, NJ 07045

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Thirteen Reasons Why  
Dear Parents and Guardians,
You may have heard that on March 31st, Netflix released a new series called “13 Reasons Why.” The 
series is based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This series has attracted the 
interest of many young people, specifically in middle and high school. It is our understanding that 
students across the country, including those in Montville Township, are binge watching the series 
and discussing it with friends and on social media. We highly recommend that you monitor the 
viewing of this series, if indeed, your child has access to it. 
The premise of the series revolves around a high school student who takes her own life and sends 13 
cassette tapes to those whom she blames for her death. While the show is fictional, the series is 
extremely graphic, encompassing topics such as suicide, bullying, sexual assault, drug use, drunk 
driving and other social issues that may affect teens.  It raises significant concerns about the 
emotional safety of those watching it -- especially for those youth who may have had some experience with mental 
health issues, suicidal thoughts or behaviors.
Although we recognize that conversations on this topic may be uncomfortable, we encourage 
parents/guardians to have open discussions with your children about these concerning issues.  We 
encourage you to review the  Guidance for Families published by the National Association of School 
Psychologists and Talking Points from Suicide Awareness Voices of Education as support resources 
for conversations you and/or your child may initiate.
Please know that district mental health professionals are available to discuss these issues with 
you and your child. Our staff can also provide additional recommendations for counseling support 
outside of school. If you have any question or concerns regarding your child, please reach out to 
your child’s school counselor, case manager, or Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC – in MTHS and 
Lazar) at:
Main Phone Number:                                   973-331-7100
MTHS Department of School Counseling:      Ext. 2645
Department of Special Services:                   Ext. 2665
Lazar Department of School Counseling:      Ext. 2331
Department of Special Services:                   Ext. 2346
Cedar Hill Elementary School Counselor:      Ext. 1015
Hilldale Elementary School Counselor:          Ext. 1215
Valley View Elementary School Counselor:   1415
William Mason School Counselor:                 1615
Woodmont Elementary School Counselor:    1815
Mental Health Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:              1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text “START” to 741741
NJ Hopeline:                                                 1-855-NJ-HOPELINE (654-6735)
2nd Floor Youth Helpline:                              888-222-2228 (call or text)
St. Clare’s Hospital:                                       973-625-0280
Morristown Memorial Hospital:                       973-540-0100
If your child is in crisis and requires immediate assistance, please call:  911
We appreciate your partnership in helping us work to keep our children safe.
Leslee J. Scheckman
Director of School Counseling
Montville Township School District

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To view the Financial Aid Night PowerPoint, please view the link under PRESENTATIONS

To view the Financial Aid Night PowerPoint, please view the link under PRESENTATIONS
(hard copies available in the School Counseling Office)