Robert R. Lazar Middle School

Clubs and Support Groups
All clubs and support group meetings will be announced through the morning announcements and will be posted on the Extra-Curricular Meeting calendar.  Please advise your child to listen carefully to the morning announcements.  The dates and times listed on the calendar are tentative.  There are times that the advisors need to reschedule or cancel a meeting. 
Art Club
Advisor - Mrs. Travers
The Art Club is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8. The enrollment is limited to 20 students due to space restrictions. Anyone interested must see Mrs. Travers for enrollment prior to the start of the club. They will meet once a week after school. The club offers the students the opportunity to work in a variety of two and three dimensional art.
Computer Club/TV Studio
Advisor - Ms. Matuszewski
Students will have the opportunity to work in the TV production studio as well in our Mac lab to learn about Photobooth, Garageband,and Imovie. They will also give a hand providing tech support to our TV studio program. Students will work together to develop and share their knowledge about computers. Beginners are welcome! Meetings are held on scheduled Wednesdays, with special announced meetings to provide coverage for Lazar events.
Drama Club
Fall – Ms. Dent and Mrs. Zajac
Spring – Ms. Cimino, Ms. Novak, Mrs. Rollins, Ms. Simeone, Mr. Huppert
Drama Club provides students with an outlet to act. They experience try-outs, practices and a performance. There are two productions each year; one fall and one spring.  The fall play is a straight play performed for elementary students.  The spring musical is a full production musical event.
Environmental Club
Advisor - Mr. Myers
The Lazar Environmental Club is a group that works to improve the enviromnemt of our school community.  Topics covered range from recycling, organic gardening, wildlife viewing and working to reduce the biological foot print of our school.  If you are intersted in such topics, stop by room 27 after school on Thursdays beginning in September.  Remember to bring a note to stay.
Fitness Club
Advisors - Mr. Carman and Ms. Koutas
Open to all students at Lazar.  Students will gain a solid background for exercise and fitness by participating in weight training, spinning, aerobic activities and yoga.  All meetings will be held in the morning with a few held in the afternoon.
Flag Football
Advisor - Mr. Vila 
Flag Football is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Anyone interested must see Mr. Vila to sign up and receive a permission slip prior to the start of the club. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. This is a chance to have fun, play with your friends, and possibly meet a new friend. The permission slip needs to be signed in order to stay after school.
French Club
Advisor - Mr. Lynn
French Club is an exciting club celebrating the culture and language of France.  French Club members practice their French at meetings, and engage in other cultural activities.  Whether you speak French or not, French Club is a great place to have fun and learn more about the French culture and language!  Some of the activities students will enjoy are: eating lunch from a French restaurant, participating in National French Week for the promotion of study of the language, hosting the annual French croissant/chocolat breakfast sale, celebrating a French Christmas, and preparing food for Mardi Gras.  Any past or present student of French is eligible to be a member.  To find out more, attend one of our upcoming meetings in room 28! Merci.

Green Art Club

Advisor - Mrs. Silva
Eco Art Club is open to all students who have an interest in the creative arts. It is an environmental friendly art club where students will be working with recycled materials to create art.  Students in Eco Art Club this past year recycled plastic bottles to make people and other creations.  They also held an ornament sale which helped to raise funds for a field trip to the art museum. In the past, students made an amazing mural from recycled bottle caps which is hanging in the cafeteria. The club will be meeting after school on scheduled days. Students must see Mrs.Silva in Room 58 to sign up.
Intramural Basketball
Advisor - Mr. Miller
Intramural Basketball allows all girls and boys in Lazar to participate in drills and games to enhance knowledge of the game.
Italian Club
Advisor - Mr. Totino
Benvenuti alla Associazione Gioventù Italiana!  Welcome to Italian Club!  The Italian Club will be open to any 8th grade students who are enrolled in 8th Grade Italian I.  The club will meet twice a month to dive deeper into the Italian culture through music, cinema and of course, food.  Any students who would like to be a part of AGI should see Mr. Totino in Room 60 for further information.  Ciao! 
Jazz Band (Audition Only)
Advisor - Miss Di Diego
Open to band members and non-band members that play saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, piano, and drums.  Each student has to audition in late November using the audition packet required for their given instrument.  The students explore various styles of music including rock, jazz, funk, and Latin.  Sessions will be rehearsal oriented and provide members of this group with 5 - 7 performances during the school year at various functions and events within the district and town.  Sessions are weekly after school from 3:45 PM until 5 PM which requires parent pick up and will begin in December all the way through the beginning of June. 
Lazar Ledger Newspaper Club
Advisors - Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Tarsitano
The Lazar Ledger is our student produced school paper.  We will publish two times a year.  The Newspaper Club meets twice a month on Thursdays in Room 8 from 3:20 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Students will take part in various aspects of journalism, such as writing/editing, interviewing, photography and publishing. This will be a forum for students' voices to be heard and provide the Lazar community with the "goings on" at Lazar. All are welcome! Please contact Mrs. Tarsitano or Mrs. Shaw for more information.  

Advisors - Ms. Parmentier and Mrs. Pretto
Mathcounts is a nationwide math coaching and competition program. The Mathcounts program is designed to increase interest and involvement in mathematics among middle school students. Students meet in coaching sessions in the beginning of the school year and send a group of students to the regional competition in February. Winners progress to the state competition in March. The top four scorers at the states earn the privilege to represent their state at the National Competition. For more information go to
Mandarin Chinese Club
Advisor - Mrs. Chang
Ni hao!  Welcome to Mandarin Chinese Club!  Mandarin Chinese Club is open to all students, regardless of whether they are currently taking Mandarin class or not.  Meetings will be held once or twice a month after school.  We will celebrate Chinese holidays, eat Chinese food, watch Chinese movies, play Chinese traditional games, and have discussions on various topics related to Chinese culture and China.  Members will learn at least a new phrase or sentence in Chinese at each meeting.
NJ Peer to Peer
Advisors - Mrs. Loeffler and Mr. Reiber
NJ Peer to Peer is a program which provides 8th grade students the opportunity to do for their peers. Students are selected for this program through an interview process and will meet Thursdays during Advisory.
Science Olympiad (8th grade students only)
Advisor - Mrs.Marnien and Mr. Maffei
Science Olympiad is a nationwide organization dedicated to improving science education and creating a technologically-literate workforce.  Students compete in tournaments and non-competitive events in the building, district, county, state and national levels with an emphasis on teamwork and commitment to excellence.  For more information go to
Select Choir (Invitational)
Advisor - Mrs. Zajac
Any 7th or 8th grade chorus students interested in being involved in a select choir are invited to join. Rehearsals will be one day a week, after school, from January through May. More information will be available in December.
Advisor - Mr. Vila 
Softball is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  Anyone interested must see Mr. Vila to sign up and receive a permission slip prior to the start of the club. We will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. This is a chance to have fun, play with your friends, and possibly meet a new friend. The permission slip needs to be signed in order to stay after school.
Spanish Club
Advisor - Miss D'Apolito
i Bienvenidos!  Spanish Club will be open to any eighth grade student taking Spanish this year.  It is an opportunity to extend cultural knowledge of the Spanish-speaking countries through history, art, music, food, and customs.  It will be held either once or twice a month in room 63 with Ms. D'Apolito.  Please bring a note to stay for the club when we meet.  i Nos vemos!
Student Council
Advisors - Mr. Vila, Ms. Sturdy-Lange, Ms. Holman
A democratic organization composed of elected representatives and officers who represent their classmates.  The Student Council provides students with the opportunity to voice their opinions concerning school activities and acquire leadership skills.  The representatives plan social activities as well as community projects.
The Write Eye
Advisors - Mr. Miller and Mrs. Given
The Write Eye is a student produced magazine featuring essays, poems, short stories, and creative writing pieces written by Lazar students. Also, the magazine features student artwork of all kinds (paintings, sketches, cartoons, computer graphics). The pieces are nominated by teachers, peers, or presented by the artist themselves for review by The Write Eye staff. Each piece is then discussed, analyzed, and voted on for publication by the student staff. All staff members state their opinions on the merits of the piece being published in the yearly magazine. The student staff work to produce the magazine learning about design and layout. Being a member of the staff, students have fun working together and develop friendships with students who enjoy the arts! 

Yearbook (8th grade students only)
Advisor – Ms. Sturdy-Lange and Ms. Holman

Help create YOUR yearbook. Students will meet weekly in the fall to learn about photography and learn to use elements of Photoshop, as well as an introduction to the online design program. They will also work together to select, develop and implement a theme. January through April students will work in small groups to complete yearbook pages they have chosen.   Meetings are held on Thursdays, with additional workshop days as needed. There are also scheduled work sessions that end at 5:00 for interested and available students, as well as one dinner meeting each month.


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