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     Welcome to 8th Grade Science with Mrs. Yuhas


    Grade Level: 8th

    Department: Science  

    Subject: Science



     Contact Information
    phone: 973-331-7100 ext 2478 




    Supply List:  3 ring binder 1.5 inches with paper for note taking. Pencils and pens( blue or black ink), a folder and a calculator( the same one that is used in math class)


      Extra Help:   Extra help is offered before and after school by appointment. Arrangements must be made at least one day in advance. Students should always come prepared with questions about concepts or examples of word problems they would like help with.
    Grading Policy: Grades will be determined based on student performances on graded assignments in the following areas:
    Tests, Quizzes, Labs, and Homework.
    The marking period grade is determined using total points. Each assignment will be worth a certain amount of points.
    Homework Website: 

    Homework, tests and quizzes put on website weekly with updates when 

    possible,any adjustment necessary are provided in class.