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    Grade Level: 6, 7 & 8 
    Department: Fine Art
    Subject: Art
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                Students at Lazar Middle School study Art as an elective for one quarter.  While in this class, students will acquire skills in the areas of drawing, painting, design, crafts, and sculpture.  Emphasis is placed on art appreciation, art production, art history, and critical thinking through visual sensitivity and creative problem solving.  The curriculum adheres to the Core Curriculum Standards established by the State of New Jersey, and Montville Township’s Fine Arts Curriculum.

                During the quarter, the students will increase their understanding of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design as seen in their art and the art of others.  Students will become skilled in the process of criticism in analyzing their work.  Some of the suggested two- and three-dimensional activities the student will explore include:


    1.        Drawing:  Using pencils, the student will create realistic drawings using a still life as their subject.  They will focus on composition, perspective, observation, and the use of value to make the objects appear three-dimensional.

    2.      Painting:  Using acrylic and watercolor paints, the students will explore a variety of painting techniques, while learning about color theory.

    3.      Design:  Basic elements of design are explored to understand composition, color schemes, unity, emphasis, and movement.

    4.     Crafts:  The student will learn about cultural diversity and become proficient in such activities as weaving, macramé, and origami.

    5.      Sculpture:  Using the techniques of addition or subtraction, the students will create three-dimensional forms in clay, plaster, papier-mâché, or mixed media.


    Grading in Art is based on effort, attitude, neatness, and following directions.  Goals and rubrics are established for each activity.  Students complete written critiques of their work based on knowledge of the project completed as well as the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. 

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    Artsonia showcases artwork from thousands of school around the world and their goals are to develop students’ pride and self-esteem, increase their multicultural understanding through art, and involve parents and relatives in student education and accomplishments.


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