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    Grade Level: 7
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    Subject: Life Science
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    Many students ask how they can improve their Science grade.  Here is one suggestion on the path to becoming an independent lifelong learner.  On a daily basis, students can take their Science Journal home, review the day's entry and write a short reflection (a few sentences at the bottom of the page or on the opposite page) addressing the following:
    1-  Why did I do today's lesson?
    2-  How will I use the information to meet the end goal of the unit?
    Students who are able to follow the scope and sequence of lessons will better understand how the collected evidence can be applied during the Final Performance Task. Conversely, if students are unable to describe the day's purpose/activities, this is an indicator that further review and research for clarification may be necessary.  Once the independent learning avenues are exhausted, this is also a good time to ask any remaining questions or clarify understanding.
Last Modified on January 2, 2019