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    Computer Applications 6th and 7th Grade

    Sixth Grade MP2:      

    Typing lessons due:

         Full time students - Lesson 26 for Friday, 01/11/19

         Part time students - Lesson 17 for Friday, 01/11/19




    The Edutyping program can be accessed through the Clever App, from any computer with an internet connection by clicking the link below:                                    
    Seventh Grade MP2:     

    PowerPoint Presentation Deadlines

       Outline - done

       Background - 01/04/19

       Master Slide - 01/08/19

       Hyperlinks - 01/10/19

       Audio and video - 01/16/19

        Note cards, peet edit, and practice 1/17 - 1/18/19 

       Presentations begin Tuesday, 01/22/19




    I am available every day during lunch in room 61. Come see me for a pass BEFORE you head to lunch. The lunch teachers will not let you come without a pass. 







     STEAM Club

    Thank you for your interest in STEAM Club. We are no longer accepting applications for the  2018-19 school year. There is a significant wait list that will be tapped if students leave the club. 

    STEAM Club will meet on Tuesdays. Deadline to apply is Thursday, September 27th.
    ***** Due to the high demand for this club and the need to balance the group for grade level and gender, acceptance is not guaranteed.
    A first come first serve wait list will be created and tapped if students leave the club