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    Computer Applications 6th and 7th Grade

    Sixth Grade MP3:      


    Typing lessons due:
       Full time students - lesson 28 by the end of class Wednesday, 04/03
       Part time students - lesson 17 by the end of class Wednesday, 04/03
    Incomplete lessons will now be marked as Missing if not completed by the Monday after the due date. 
    The Edutyping program can be accessed through the Clever App, from any computer with an internet connection by clicking the link below:                                    
    Seventh Grade MP3:     
    Excel Test 3 - late next week (exact date TBD). Topics: Contitional Formatting, Sorting, and Graphs. New notes are forthcoming. 

    I am available every day during lunch in room 61. Come see me for a pass BEFORE you head to lunch. The lunch teachers will not let you come without a pass. 







     STEAM Club

    Thank you for your interest in STEAM Club. We are no longer accepting applications for the  2018-19 school year. There is a significant wait list that will be tapped if students leave the club. 

    STEAM Club will meet on Tuesdays. Deadline to apply is Thursday, September 27th.
    ***** Due to the high demand for this club and the need to balance the group for grade level and gender, acceptance is not guaranteed.
    wait list will be created and tapped if students leave the club. Students on the wait list will be chosen by grade level and gender, of the student(s) that have left the club.