Mr. Huppert
    Earth Science (6) and Physical science (8)

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    March 18th
    6th Grade   8th  Grade  
     Monday Begin geo time in class none


    Balancing equations practice

    Continue geo time in class

    Begin studying 

    Finish balancing equations and begin bonding

     Wednesday Geo time power point   Continue bonding Begin studying for upcoming test
     Thursday Geo tim epower point Study your study guide and vocab. Bonding power point study
     Friday culminating activity None  TBA None

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    Teaching philosophy:
    The  majority of the work done in this class will be student centered.  A famous educator named Harry Wong once said: “The person who is doing the work in the classroom, is the one who is doing the learning.”  You will not often see me standing in the front of the room lecturing, while the students take notes.  Instead, you will see the students doing the majority of the work during class time, discovering and exploring information at their own pace.  My job as the teacher is to guide your learning.
    I have used this idea successfully for the past 10 years and discovered that the students really like it! Some other benefits of this philosophy include:
    *Students work at his or her own pace
    *The teacher has more time during class to assist students on a one- on- one basis
    *The students have more time to think of and ask questions during class
    So if the students are doing the work, how will we know it’s all correct?
    Once we are all done with the activity, I review and go over all the material in class to be sure everyone has accurate information to study.  I will use power points and demonstrations to reinforce concepts.  I will even post the answer sheets to all the study guides online!
    After we are done in class, and you have studied at home, you will be ready to take a quiz and test!
    Study and review every night -even if there is no “assigned” homework.  Your job is to LEARN the material! Tests in this class come frequently so it is important to keep up.  I want you to spend your time productively studying for tests by using the suggestions for studying below, rather than me giving you “busy” homework each night.  
    On occasion there will be worksheets and some small projects to complete for homework as the year progresses. Some homework assignments may be as simple as brining in the note cards you made to study from.  The good part is you will get credit for doing these simple assignments!
    For this class you will need:
        A three ring binder
        A pen or pencil every day
        Colored pencils for projects in class and at home
        Note cards for studying for test and quizzes
        A positive attitude
    Bring these items every day

      Category weights:
    Tests 50%
    Quizzes 15%
    Classwork 25%
    Homework 10%
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