• Welcome to Mrs. Maciorski's page!

    Grade Level: Fifth
    Team: Fabulous Fifth
    Subject:  Reading/Social Studies/Science
    Contact Information:
    Phone: (973) 331-7100  EXT 1800

    About Me and Fifth Grade:

    I am happy to be a part of the Woodmont family!  It is great to work with a winning team at school!  A positive attitude is an important part of your everyday outfit!  Trying your best and being responsible for your own learning is expected! So ask questions, put forth excellent effort, and have fun each day! 
    This year I am excited to teach reading to all fifth graders, and will be joined by Mrs. Epstein and Mrs. Cabana during two periods. Mrs. Epstein and I will provide social studies and science instruction just to our homeroom.  I enjoy reading books to the students and sharing many examples of types of reading and author's craft.  It will be somewhat hard for me to let go of writing, so I know I will be sharing any connections between the two often. We will pilot a new reading series and will explore nonfiction and fiction pieces.  Holding Literature Book Clubs is also planned this year. We are looking forward to incorporating reading instruction and accountable talk stems into other subject areas as well.
    Mr. Quinn and Mrs. Epstein will be teaching our class math. We are featuring STEAM education on Mondays for the first and second marking periods with Miss Portnoff. She plans to follow our new science series which will be very exciting and helpful! I can't wait to be involved in it!  Spanish with Senora Shonk on Fridays is something new!  We are very happy to learn a new language from an expert! 
    Our fifth graders are sure to enjoy themselves as they read every day! There will be many opportunities to read fiction, poetry, informational items, articles, and much more! Happy Reading to All!!! 
    I am sure we will all have a fabulous year!  Go Wildcats!