•  Notes from Mrs. Jarvie


    Music in Our Schools Week

    MONDAY, 3/25    (125)

    Please return library books

    *Classical Music Day: wear a “classic” white shirt to show your love for classics

    *Trimester II Report Cards available sometime today

    *Hot Lunch (Montville Bagel)

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    TUESDAY, 3/26   (126)  

    Please wear sneakers for gym  

    *Blues Music Day: wear blue to show your enthusiasm for the blues

    *Chips at lunch

    *2:55-3:55 Board Games  enrichment

    *7:30pm (Media) PTA Mtg.

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    WEDNESDAY, 3/27  (127)

    *Country Music Day

    wear jeans, cowboy boots, or cowboy hat

    *Ice Cream at lunch

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    THURSDAY, 3/28     (128)

    Special Guests-It's a Super Secret!

    *Rock ‘n Roll Day: wear a rock n roll outfit or hairstyle

    *Hot Lunch (Hollywood Pizza)

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    FRIDAY, 3/29   (129)

    Fundations Test

    *Favorite Musician Day

    wear music related clothing or a shirt with your favorite musician on it!

    *Hot Lunch (Gencarelli’s)

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    Fundations News- Students have today’s Fundations Test in their folder along with the new list. We are moving on to Unit 7, -ing and -ink. Unit 7 has a part 2 and a part 3, so three weeks on the vowel plus -ng and -nk chunks. We will move on to Vowel Teams after spring break, these can be very challenging. I will keep families updated as we move through the teams.

    Reading/Writing News - Thanks to all the reading passage homework, our students are doing beautifully citing text evidence INDEPENDENTLY. They can turn around a question and include a piece in the response. I am so happy, it was a little tough this year but our collective hard work paid off. Thank you for your contribution. It's a very important skill moving on to later grades.

    During the next few weeks, we will work on journaling, personal thoughts and using writing prompts. Most of our journal writing and narrative writing occurs in the notebooks you generously provided. We are filling up quickly!

    Math News - The next Topics in our new series are super fun for kids. We will work on composing and decomposing two digit numbers.I have lots of tricks for these standards and typically they make the work even more fun.

    iReady News Moving forward you may see some changes if your child works or logs into iReady at home. I am assigning specific topics for a multitude of reasons. You will notice the lessons I add because they will appear once your child logs into a specific subject, either math or reading. Green lessons are assigned by the program, while the blue lessons come directly from me.

    Here are some (but not all)  reasons I may assign lessons:

    • When reviewing student iReady work, I see errors on important skills
    • The skill may be coming up in class and I am using iReady to provide some experience before I start
    • Your child, individually or a group, may have some difficulty in class and I am assigning a review
    • Your child is ready for more challenging assignments
    • Something in your child’s writing shows me this skill is needed

    I am asking  the students to ALWAYS do the blue lessons first

    “Challenge Homework (Totally not Required)......................Answer this question in a FABULOUS SENTENCE”


    **Wondering what you and your children think of the questions?

    Send me a text or email if you have any comments, good or bad.

    Some do the questions, some don’t, doesn’t matter.


    Please, please, please check your child’s pencil case every weekend.

    It seems most of us are missing items and  have no sharpened pencils.


    Independent reading is critical to future success in school.


    Please never forget.............PLAY IS KIDS WORK



     Please check the weather daily and send appropriate clothing for outdoor recess.

    Children will be able to go outside if dressed appropriately for the weather.

    We will remain inside if the temperature dips. 

    Students may bring items from home for indoor recess.

    They will be asked to keep these items in their backpacks until and after recess.