Notes from Mrs. Jarvie

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    MONDAY, 5/6          (150)

    Please return library books

    *1st day of Ramadan

    *Hot Lunch (Montville Diner)

    *Ninja Pears distributed at lunch

    *Teacher Appreciation Week!

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    TUESDAY, 5/7          (151)

    Please wear sneakers for gym      

    *Chips at lunch, K-2 Board Games enrichment

    *National Teacher Day

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    WEDNESDAY, 5/8     (152)

    *Ice Cream at lunch

    K-2 Doodles & Drawings enrichment

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    THURSDAY, 5/9           (153)

    *Hot Lunch (Hollywood Pizza)

    K & 1 Lego enrichment, K-5 Jewelry Making enrichment, K-2 Steamulate Your Minds enrichment

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    FRIDAY, 5/10                (154)

     PTA Mother’s Day Plant Sale, Our class 9:45

    *Hot Lunch (Gencarelli’s)

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    SATURDAY, 5/11

    SUNDAY, 5/12

    Happy Mother’s Day


    Fundations News- The children did very well with the Vowel Teams with Long a, next week we move on to Long e vowel teams. I was surprised to see how al the children were able to remember the patterns.


    Reading/Writing News - Students are responding to open ended questions nicely, most are beginning with nouns from the text and not pronouns, a critically important writing and response skill.

    Math News - We are moving on to Topic 10 and 13. I would like to touch upon fractions, measurement and time before the next iready assessment mid May. We have plenty of time to cover enerything, but those come at the end of the book and are best covered earlier.


    Please, please, please check your child’s pencil case every weekend.

    It seems most of us are missing items and  have no sharpened pencils.


    Independent reading is critical to future success in school.


    Please never forget.............PLAY IS KIDS WORK