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    Notes from Mrs. Jarvie



    MONDAY, 1/21

     *School Closed: MLK Jr. Day

    TUESDAY, 1/22     (84)

    *No Name Calling Week

    “Be Yourself, Express Yourself”

    Wear your favorite clothes/outfit and compliment others on their outfits!

    (No pajamas, that comes later in the week!)

    *Chips at lunch, *2:40-3:30 Tutoring, *7:30pm BOE Mtg. @ MTHS

    WEDNESDAY, 1/23  (85)

    *No Name Calling Week

    “We are all good sports and show kindness!”

    Let’s come together in wearing our favorite team wear today!

    *Ice Cream at lunch, *2:40-3:30 Tutoring

    THURSDAY, 1/24      (86)

    Math Topic 3 Test

    *No Name Calling Week

    “We’re REALLY relaxed when we’re all kind!”

    Wear your favorite PAJAMAS to have a very relaxed day!

    *Hot Lunch (Hollywood Pizza)

    FRIDAY, 1/25          (87)

    *No Name Calling Week

    “Call us by our name – Woodmont Wildcats!”

    Wear your favorite Woodmont wear, or our school colors – blue and white!

    Fundations Test, *Hot Lunch (Montville Diner)

    Find Out Friday-Nonfiction Polar Animals-Writers Craft, Text Dependent Details, Presentation

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    Fundations News

    The new Fundations list can be found in the folder. As you may notice, the list is a little longer. As I have mentioned previously, increasing rigor is key to continued development. Since we have only four days to the week, I will be spending a little extra time on Fundaitons practice and instruction. The following week, beginning January 28,  we will have triple initial blends and ending blends.


    Reading/Writing News

    Students are asked to respond to reading through retelling and answering questions. I have been working hard since early December to have students write in complete, strong sentences. It’s time to hald students accountable for this. Soon I will ask students to write a strong sentence weekly that I will grade. More info will be coming.


    Math News

    Our new math series guides students through a variety of strategies that can be used to solve addition and subtraction problems. Each child has an individual learning style, and each child is a different kind of learner. That said, some strategies make more sense to some children, and some strategies make no sense at all. We present a large variety and sho children how they work. I realize in my absence the ‘make a ten’ to add or subtract was a little confusing. Please be assured I am aware and working on this. It’s For testing purposes, children can sue the strategies they choose. I will model strategies and merely ask which one it is.

    Please, please, please check your child’s pencil case this weekend.

    It seems most of us are missing items and  have no sharpened pencils.


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    Independent reading is critical to future success in school.


    Please never forget.............PLAY IS KIDS WORK



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     Please check the weather daily and send appropriate clothing for outdoor recess.

    Children will be able to go outside if dressed appropriately for the weather.

    We will remain inside if the temperature dips. 

    Students may bring items from home for indoor recess.

    They will be asked to keep these items in their backpacks until and after recess.