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    Grade Level: Fifth
    Department: Woodmont
    Room: Room 26
    Team: Mrs. Maciorski, Mrs. Epstein, Mr. Marra, Ms. Brun, Mrs. Cabana
    Subject: Elementary Education 
    Contact Information
    Phone: (973) 808 2030

    Answers to Math pages 509 and 510 are under Math tab



    Woodmont School

    5th Grade Supply List



    •    4  large brown paper shopping bags for book covers: No Book Sox please.
    •    A box of Pencils (you don't have to bring in the whole box on the first day)
    •  4 blue and/or black pens,    
    •     erasers (either the type that goes on the end of a pencil, or hand held erasers)
    •     2    highlighter,  
    •     2 dry erase markers,
    •     A dry marker eraser, (or a clean sock will work just as well)
    •     1 fine point Sharpie marker,
    •     hand held pencil sharpener
    •     And a bag or box to hold all this stuff.
    •     4  sturdy twin pocket folders for daily use
    •     5  one-subject spiral notebooks
    •     3  marble composition books
    •     Optional items: tissues, hand sanitizer, and wipes



     Check the other tabs to find out what is going on in the fifth grade.

     “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

             Welcome to your final grade at Woodmont School! I hope you had a relaxing summer with family and friends. The fifth grade team has a fabulous year planned for you filled with interesting lessons, creative activities, and fun field trips.

              Switching classes will be new for you this year. You will learn which classes you need to switch rooms for on the first day of school.  It might be challenging for you at first remembering everything you need while switching classes, but we know you will catch on quickly and be a pro in no time!

    Fifth grade is a time for developing important organizational skills and becoming responsible for yourself and your actions. As student leaders of Woodmont School, you set the example for the younger children every day. We know that may seem a bit overwhelming. Please remember that your teachers are here to help you at any time.

              I’m looking forward to an exciting year! 

    About Me
    This is Mr.Quinn's eighth year at Woodmont.  After a couple of years teaching fourth grade, Mr. Quinn graduated to the fabulous fifth grade. This year he will continue to be the math and science teacher for all fifth graders.  We are looking forward to a great year with this new group of fifth graders.