Weekly Updates!

    (March 18th-22nd)

    Hello everyone!

    Some important reminders:

    • All April Scholastic orders were are due Tuesday, March 26th and all orders will be submitted on that day. To avoid shipping costs please order online at https://clubs.scholastic.com. The class activation code is H7FJ2.
    • Fridays we have gym so please have your child wear sneakers or bring a pair to change into!
    • Tuesdays we have Media so please remember to return your books!


    Here’s a look at where we are and where we’re going…  In Fundations, we worked on the –ed suffix and will continue with this concept this week.

    In Reading, we will discuss feeling words in literature. We will analyze how identifying the feelings associated with certain characters help us to make stronger connections to the text, which in turn helps us make predictions. Ultimately, this will then help us comprehend a text at a deeper level.

    In Writing, we will continue our unit on Opinion Writing (persuasive writing). We will practice writing reviews (of movies, toys, etc.)

             In Math, we finished Topic 9, Compare Two-Digit Numbers. Now we will begin Topic 10, Use Models and Strategies to Add Tens and Ones. I also always encourage students to practice their basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 at home to help foster growth in this important area.

    In Social Studies, we will continue our next unit We Love Our Country.  We will analyze important U.S. documents and songs. 

    In Science, we will continue our unit Offspring and Their Parents (focusing on plant and animal offspring). We will begin to discuss animal life cycles.


    In Spanish, we will focus on days of the week, months of the year and writing the date.


    Have a wonderful weekend and week!