• Weekly Updates!

    (May 20th-24th)

    Hello everyone!

    Some important reminders:

    • Thursday (5/23) is Field Day (weather permitting). Please apply sunscreen and bug spray at home as we are not allowed to apply it here for your child. Send children in dressed appropriately to run around outside. Please provide them with a water bottle and a towel if they want one to sit on during breaks.
    • Friday (5/24) is our Red Nose Day comedy show! Please consider submitting a joke with a $1 donation. Your child will get to tell his/her joke during our comedy show (during lunch time). Also consider sending a photo of your child wearing a red nose (or draw it on the picture) with a $1 donation to be displayed on our Red Nose Day wall! All donations will go to Morris County Family Promise. This is a local organization that helps children and their families facing homelessness. Thanks for your support!
    • All June Scholastic orders were due Thursday, May 16th and were submitted on that day.
    • Fridays we have gym so please have your child wear sneakers or bring a pair to change into!
    • Tuesdays we have Media so please remember to return your books!


    Here’s a look at where we are and where we’re going…  In Fundations, we will work with the ee, ea and ey vowel teams.

    In Reading, we will administer the final I-Ready diagnostic test. Then we will continue to discuss poetry. 

    In Writing, we will continue with Series Writing. We will work on adding dialogue to our stories.

             In Math, we will administer the final I-Ready diagnostic test. Then we will continue working on Topic 14: Reason With Shapes and Their Attributes. I also always encourage students to practice their basic addition and subtraction facts to 20 at home to help foster growth in this important area.

    In Social Studies we will continue with our last unit, Cultures. Please consider coming in during the months of May or June to discuss your cultural traditions with the class. Please email me to set up a date and time that works. Thank you in advance! In the past, the students have LOVED the presentations given by parents!

    In Science, we will continue with our last unit, Earth and Space. We will discuss how Earth moves.


    In Spanish, we will discuss jobs.


    Have a wonderful weekend and week!