• Woodmont Elementary School located in Pine Brook, New Jersey, enrolls approximately 350 students in grades K-5. Woodmont School's motto, "Learning to Last a Lifetime," exemplifies our learning community's commitment to fostering and nurturing Core Content knowledge and skills as well as strong character education values in our students.

    The Woodmont faculty is committed to planning and implementing a variety of activities that facilitate the preparation of our students for the challenge of mastering the Common Core Curriculum Standards and the Workplace Readiness Standards. At Woodmont, lessons are planned to address all modalities, with resources and technology enhancing the curriculum and challenging all learners. Skills are continuously assessed, providing the information necessary to create small ability based groups. Moreover, teachers practice differentiated instruction in order to provide each student what they need and not just a "one size fits all" approach.

    Primary teachers have based instruction on thematic and integrated units of study. The successful utilization of cooperative learning strategies, a literature based reading program, flexible math grouping across each grade level, and learning centers provide an exciting educational environment. Teachers construct lessons that promote problem-solving skills, writing across the content areas, and learning how to apply the scientific method when conducting experiments. Students have been learning how to integrate the use of technology to improve research skills and learning. This includes exposure to video streaming, participation in web quests, and utilization of SMART Boards.

    To further enrich our curriculum, students participate in various school programs such as Student Council, Poetry Club, Math 24 Club, Art Club, Model Building Club, Safety Patrol, a Mentoring Program, Classroom Helpers and a Buddy Reading program between grade levels. The Fine Arts program is enhanced with opportunities for choral and instrumental performances and exhibitions of student artwork both in the school and in the community.

    Woodmont's Parent-Teacher Association continues to be a driving force within the school. Parent volunteers fundraise to support cultural arts programs, assist in the library, manage a hot lunch program three days a week, chaperone field trips, provide school-wide enrichment programs, organize class celebrations, assist teachers with special curriculum projects, and help seasonally decorate the school grounds, thereby inspiring school spirit and pride in our school. The Woodmont PTA, through their fundraising efforts, has provided our school with SMART Boards in every classroom and many amenities that enhance the learning environment.

    Students also learn from their parents and teachers the importance of giving to the community as citizens. Student Council activities such as clothing drives, Toys for Tots, Thanksgiving food basket collection, various walkathons/marathons, the St. Jude's Math-a-thon, and participation in the Anti-Vandalism Poster Contest demonstrate Woodmont students' active role in the community.

    The administration, faculty, support staff, and parents of Woodmont School are dedicated to developing students who demonstrate high achievement, excellent character, enjoy learning, contribute to their community, and acquire skills for lifetime success. As a result, Woodmont's students participate in a challenging educational program that inspires lifetime learners and develops caring and compassionate citizens.


    Dominic D. Esposito