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    Grade Level: Kindergarten
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    Phone: William Mason School main office:973-331-7100
                                                                         ext. 1600


    About Me
         I am happy to be starting my 23rd year at William Mason School.  Montville is a part of me!  I grew up in Towaco and attended Cedar Hill School, Central School, (Lazar) and Montville High School.  I worked several summers at Montville's Recreation Camp, became a substitute teacher, classroom aide and finally a Kindergarten Teacher!  I taught Kindergarten for nine years and loved watching my students grow through their years at William Mason. (It is funny now running into college students I remember as five year olds!) 
         After finishing my Master's Degree in Special Education, I changed my position from Kindergarten Teacher to Resource Room/Inclusion Teacher.   I did this for 8 years.  I was a co-teacher half day with Mrs. Williams (Grade 2) and half day with Mrs. Shell (Grade 1).  I also taught Resource Room for various grade levels.  I loved working with my colleagues and combining our ideas and teaching strategies together!
          I am a kindergarten teacher at heart!   Although times have changed, the love of learning from a five year old has not.  They are little sponges that absorb everything new with enthusiasm!  I am so happy to be teaching Kindergarten again! (My 16th year in Kindergarten at Mason).   I am looking forward to an exciting school year with your children!
         My family consists of my husband, Allen, and twin daughters, Olivia and Ava. We also have a dog!  His name is Carmel and he is 4 years old!  He is a Cockalier which is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel.  He is so cute!
         I can't believe my girls are already fourteen years old and going into High School!    They love to hear about the Kindergarten kids and all the fun we have in class.  I am lucky to have such great girls and I am so proud of them!
                           Girls in Kindergarten          Ava and OliviaThird Grade Our puppy, Carm! Olivia and Ava age 10 olivia & Ava Grade 7Oberlin family  2017Ava, Carmel and Olivia 2015 Olivia Ava 14