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    Grade Level:  Third
     Subject: Social Studies/Reading/Science/Math
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    Welcome to Third Grade!
    Third grade is an exciting year; with many new challenges!  I look forward to conquering them with you!
     Fall 2017
    Reading:  In Reading we are reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  While reading we are working in identifying the narrative elements.  In addition we are working on writing Reading Response Letters.  These letters will allow student and teacher to have interactive dialogue about the books they are reading independently.  
    Math:  In Math we will be working on place value, ways to represent numbers, properties of addition, rounding numbers, and estimating.  Students are encouraged to practice their addition and subtraction facts at home.  
    Science:  We are learning about weather and climate in Science.  The children learned about what meterologist conisder when making weather predictions as well as the water cycle and types of clouds.  
    Social Studies: Students are studying how the US government was established.  They are learning about the levels of government, the three branches, and the US Constitution.