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    Happy March!  Last month, the students learned about some of the presidents and about the important contributions made by a few African Americans. They also learned about Chinese New Year. Two of the parents did a wonderful presentation for the class.


    For Valentine's Day the class enjoyed a heart-healthy breakfast. Thank you to the mothers who assisted and to all of the families that contributed. For the hundredth day of school, the students practiced counting by twos, fives, tens, twenties, and twenty-fives. They were challenged to write a hundred words, and they wrote about what they thought they will be doing when they are one hundred years old. The writing was adorable! First graders have such a unique way of viewing the world.


    In March, the first grade classes will be doing STEAM activities revolving around fairy tales. The students will be rotating to different classrooms to plan, create, and evaluate their designs.


    The students are starting a unit on poetry in reading. They will be reading, writing, illustrating poems. They will study a variety of poems over the next couple of months.


    Parents, please start teaching your children to tie their own shoe laces. At first they won't tie them very tightly, but with lots of practice, they will get better.