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    Thanks for visiting my page! I am so excited to start a new year and make new friends as Valley View's "seniors" prepare to move up to Lazar Middle School next year. 
    This year I will be teaching Reading to all 5th graders; for Science and Social Studies, Mrs. Stewart and I will be co-teaching our homeroom students. 

    Our Specials schedule is: Monday- Media & Spanish, Tuesday- Gym, Wednesday- Gym, Thursday- Art, Friday- Music.

    In Reading, we will work in guided reading groups at the students' instructional levels and in literature circles based on ability and/or interest level; we will also work together as a whole class on several classic novels. Additionally, we will incorporate more non-fiction into our reading and learn how to identify the main idea of longer passages while making sure we can cite evidence from the text to support our understanding.

    In order to improve our reading skills, the students this year will have weekly reading homework on the i-ready website. Each student has an individually selected library of stories and activities to complete at their instructional level. Beginning in October, after initial reading assessments are complete, I will introduce this assignment in school and distribute specifics about the homework requirement.

    Additionally, if your student enjoys reading and working on line, we do have a subscription to RAZ Kids from the Literacy A-Z website. Each student in the 5th grade has an account and teacher selected library of texts at their level. I will introduce the students to the website in class and give them their login IDs; after that, they are welcome to use the site whenever they wish. Although the site does communicate student activity and usage to me, it will not be used as part of their reading grade.

    Reading unit quizzes and tests as well as long-term assignment due dates will be posted on this web page, accessed by clicking on the assignments tab in the top left hand corner of this page. You can also get an overview of important dates by clicking on the calendar page.

    Daily homework assignments are written on the whiteboard in the classroom. At the beginning of each class, the students are given time to copy the assignments into their planners and the assignments are explained. Being responsible for writing down their daily homework assignments helps the students to develop a sense of accountability for their learning. Parents are encouraged to review the planner each evening with their student to ensure timely completion of assignments.  
    In Science this year, we will explore a variety of scientific topics, including physical science, ecosystems, cells and body systems, climate and weather. We hope to include a lot of hands-on experiments in addition to reading the text, watching videos and taking notes in our student notebooks. Mrs. Stewart and I are excited to continue working with our student-centered science program, InspireScience.
    This year in Social Studies, we will learn about America, the Age of Exploration and the founding of our country.  In addition to the textbook, we will be using Social Studies Weekly, and work with the Nystrom Atlas & Maps program to learn map skills and develop a better geographic understanding of the world. We look forward to making history come alive with our students!
    As a study tool this year, we will be using Quizlet as an on-line resource to prepare for Reading, Science and Social Studies quizzes and tests. 

    To use: go to quizlet.com. In the search bar, type: mrscford (My account has a Panda next to my name.) Then click on the set that we are studying and get to work!